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Marine Line

Marine Line

Marine Line Professional Tools for Saltwater Aquariums

Marine Line has innovative instrumentation for monitoring important water quality parameters in a saltwater reef aquarium. The Marine Line product family includes products for the measurement of alkalinity, calcium, phosphate/phosphorous, and specific gravity. Marine Line is completed with a line of maintenance solutions including calibration check solutions for checking the Checker HC colorimeters.

Checker HC

Marine Line includes our innovative Checker HC handheld colorimeter. Hanna Instruments took the technology used in much more expensive portable and benchtop photometers and applied it to handheld colorimeter that allowed the aquarium enthusiest to perform laboratory quality analysis. No more color cubes that are subjective to the color interpretation. The Checker HC is based on the Beer-Lambert Law of absorbance to use a light source and detector to measure the color change. The results are then displayed digitally.

Calibration Solutions

Calibration solutions for Marine Line include both a 35 PPT solution for marine salinity and CAL Check standards to verify the performance of the Checker HC.


Marine Line reagents are the replacement reagents for the Checker HC. All reagents are produced in-house and tested against standard to verify performance for each respective meter.