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pH Electrodes

pH Electrodes

pH Electrodes - At the Forefront of Electrode Technology

Hanna is the largest family-owned manufacturer of scientific analytical instrumentation, and a major European producer of electrodes. Hanna has helped propel the field of sensor technology with its innovative methodology. The Hanna line of pH electrodes is produced in state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, and is available with glass or thermal plastic bodies.

In 1981, Hanna developed its own formulation for sensing glass with the help of the Experimental Institute for Glass in Murano Italy. From that point forward, the company has continued to offer these premium pH sensing glass electrodes that cannot be imitated. While other companies have reduced their offerings, Hanna has continued to expand their electrode line to support a multitude of specific applications. An extensive variety of cleaning and maintenance solutions are also available to keep electrodes at peak performance.

pH Electrode Manufacturing

pH Electrode Manufacturing

Other electrode producers use the continuous fusion technique in crucibles with induction furnaces. In this practice, the glass is exposed to the fusion temperature for hours, making it difficult to retain the quality of the product due to the evaporation of some of its components. Hanna uses glass blowing technology typical of the Murano masters, with sensitive glass sticks fused in controlled batches. Only this technique, which exposes the sensitive glass to the high-fusion temperature for a matter of seconds, can guarantee the consistency and quality of the pH half-cell.

Connector Types

Connection and communication is the final consideration when selecting an electrode. It’s important to understand that not all electrodes connect to all meters. Some sensor connections are specific to a meter, brand, or manufacturer. Be sure to identify your connection requirements when replacing or purchasing a meter and electrode.

The BNC connector is the most versatile ,since it can be used with any meter that ues BNC, regardless of brand.

DIN, 3.5 mm, and screw type connections are generally proprietary to the meters they are supplied with.

BNC Connector

BNC connector with pin

A BNC connector is a universal connector for sensors. Any pH meter with a BNC connector is compatible with any pH electrode with a BNC connector, regardless of the device manufacturers.

BNC with PIN

BNC connector with pin

Probes with BNC connectors and Pin are probes made specifically with Hanna meters that have the Pin input for enabling CAL Check.

DIN Connector

DIN Connector

DIN Connectors are proprietary to the meter that uses the connector. The DIN connector allows for multiple wires to be in a single connector. Additional wires are used for temperature measurement and as a power source for amplifiers built into the probe. An amplifier in the probe prevents interference that a temperature signal can have on the pH signal. This threaded series of DIN connectors have a ferrule to attach the probe to the meter.


Digital Electrode with Matchin Pin - 3.5 mm Connector

quick connect DIN connector

Like the DIN connectors above the quick connect DIN connector is proprietary to specific meters. The quick connect DIN connector simply pushes onto the meter. A rubber O-ring is used to fix the connector to the meter and provides a waterproof connection. Waterproof connectors are preferred since high humidity can create noise in the measuring circuit leading to inaccurate readings.

Digital Electrode - 3.5 mm connector

This digital connector contains a four-pole design used with digital electrodes. This connection allows digital data transfer from the sensor to the meter and is also meter-specific. he probe has an integrated microchip that stores calibration data, electrode type, and serial number, which allows for changing of sensors without having to recalibrate each time.


Halo Bluetooth

HALO Bluetooth probes are the most advanced probes available in the market. They can be used as stand-alone probes, that when connected to a smart device using the Hanna Lab App, turning the device into a high performance meter. These probes can also be used with Hanna meters that offer wireless connections.

Quick Connect DIN