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Hydroponics Relative Humidity

Relative humidity (RH), put simply, is the amount of water vapor present in the air compared to how much is needed for saturation (dew point) at a specific temperature. This ratio is expressed as a percentage. Humidity affects many aspects of hydroponics from plant pollination to pest and fungus control to plant transpiration. It is important to monitor relative humidity since humidity levels that are too high can result in poor plant pollination or increase the likelihood to develop fungal infections or pest infestations. Conversely, relative humidity levels that are too low can stress a plant by promoting the plant to increase transpiration, spending excess energy pumping water through plant tissues into the air. Due to these factors, each plant has an optimum humidity range. Most crops thrive in daytime relative humidity between 60-80% therefore, falling out of this range can have detrimental effects.

Hanna offers portable meters to measure and monitor Relative Humidity.


Portable Meters

Portable meters are available to measure Relative Humidity. Available is a version that also displays dew point in addition to Relative Humidity.




Accessories include shockproof rubber boots used with the portable meters. These boots give additional protection from accidental drops and provide for a more tactile feel when holding the meter.


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