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Measuring Phosphorus


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Hanna Instruments offers a wide variety of instrumentation for measuring phosphorus.  From Chemical Test Kits (CTK) and Checker Handheld Colorimeters to portable meters and bench top Photometers, Hanna has an accurate, affordable solution for nearly any phosphorus application.  Choose a category above to learn more about our phosphorus testing products.

What is Phosphorus?

Phosphorus is a nonmetallic chemical element with symbol P and atomic number 15.  In living organisms the role of phosphorus is essential; it is a component of DNA and RNA, ATP, and bone.  The primary commercial use of phosphorus is in the production of fertilzer due to the need to replace the phosphorus that plants remove from the soil.

Application Bulletins:

Measuring Nutrients in Soil using the HI83225 Photometer




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