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HI6000 Series

Multiparameter Modular System


The HI6000 multiparameter modular system is a totally flexible benchtop meter platform that is customizable to a user’s laboratory measurement and application needs. Hanna offers four different measurement modules for pH/ORP, pH/ORP/ISE, DO, and EC. Together with appropriate sensors, the meter provides quick and reliable measurement displayed on the large touch screen display.


Parameters are: pH, mV

Parameters are: pH, mV, Rel. mV, ISE

Modes are: Direct, Direct/Auto hold, Known Addition, Known Subtraction, Analyte Addition, and Analyte Subtraction

Parameters are:

Conductivity – μS/cm or mS/cm

Resistivity – Ω•cm, kΩ•cm, MΩ•cm

TDS – ppm or ppt

Salinity – ppt, PSU, %,

Modes are: Direct, Direct/Autohold, and Direct/USP

Modes are: Direct – % Sat, mg/L, ppm

Auto hold
BOD- ppm, mg/L,
OUR- mg/L ppm
SOUR-mg/L, ppm

Flexibility and Expandability

Easily install and swap modules. Any combination of 1 to 3 modules can be used for total flexibility in measurements.


  • Application-specific profiles allow quick and direct measurement without the need to update the sensor and system settings
  • Active log during measurement
  • Measurement stability indicator(using the Stability Criteria setting)
  • Reading or module specific application modes: direct and direct/auto hold
    Temperature compensation can be automatic (using temperature probe or integral temperature sensor within probe) or set manually
  • Audible and/or alarm messages for measurements outside predefined limits
  • Galvanic isolation for measurement modules
  • Non-volatile memory saves data and settings



  • User controlled data log collection of at least 1 000 000 data points(with time and date stamp)
  • Logging types: manual, automatic, auto-hold
  • Sample ID for manual and auto-hold data


Connectivity Features & Services

  • Transfer logged data to a USB thumb drive
  • Log files include measurements and calibration data (as .CSV file)
  • FTP and email for log export via Ethernet and Wi-Fi connection
  • Download logs using the benchtop’s embedded web server
  • USB type A for USB drive, printer, and keyboard
  • USB type C for USB drive and PC connection


User-support feature

  • Help section – brief overview of HI6000’s main functionalities and features

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Module Options (sensors purchased separately)

Up to three measurement modules maybe easily installed into the HI6000 housing. This can be any combination of the available modules.

Module: HI6000-1
Sensor: pH/ORP
Details: For ORP (redox) measurements a separate sensor is required

Recommended Probes:

  • HI1131B Recommended Refillable combination pH electrode
  • HI7662-TW Recommended Stainless steel Temperature probe

Module:  HI6000-2
Sensor: pH/ORP/ISE
Details: Features Incremental Methods for Ion Selective Electrode (ISE) applications

Recommended Probes:

  • HI1131B Recommended Refillable combination pH electrode
  • HI7662-TW Recommended Stainless steel Temperature probe

Module:  HI6000-3
Sensor: EC
Details: Supports the measurement of high purity water used in the pharmaceutical industry. The application includes meter verification, cell validation applications and the module is programmed for the three stages of the USP <645> bulk water analysis. Once a stage is met a report can be generated and saved.

Recommended Probes:

  • HI7631233 Recommended EC and resistivity probe

Module: HI6000-4
Sensor: DO
Details: Supports dissolved oxygen applications for batch analysis of multiple samples:

  • Oxygen Uptake Rate (OUR)
  • Specific Oxygen Uptake Rate (SOUR)
  • Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD)

Reports are available for analysis records.

Recommended Probes:

  • HI7641133 Recommended Optical DO probe
  • HI764833 Recommended Polarographic DO probe

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