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Conductivity Testers

Portable testers to measure conductivity. Our testers are widely used in industries such as water treatment, aquaculture, and chemical manufacturing, conductivity testers help ensure quality control and compliance with industry standards. By providing quick and accurate readings, they enable professionals to monitor and maintain optimal conditions in various applications, from ensuring safe drinking water to optimizing chemical processes.

Portable Conductivity Meter

Portable testers to measure conductivity. Our compact, handheld devices designed to measure the electrical conductivity of liquids and other materials on the go. These tools are essential for professionals in fields such as environmental science, water quality management, aquaculture, and industrial processes, where on-site testing is crucial. Portable conductivity meters offer the convenience of immediate, accurate readings, enabling users to quickly assess the purity and ion concentration of solutions in diverse settings.

Benchtop Conductivity Meters

Benchtop meters to measure conductivity. Our precision instruments designed for laboratory and industrial use, offering high accuracy and stability in assessing the electrical conductivity of liquids. These devices are ideal for applications requiring detailed analysis and rigorous quality control, such as in research laboratories, pharmaceutical development, and water treatment facilities. Benchtop conductivity meters typically feature advanced functionalities, including data logging, temperature compensation, and multi-parameter measurement capabilities.

Conductivity Multiparameters

Multiparameters for water treatment, wastewater treatment, swimming pools, boilers and cooling towers. Our portable multiparameter meters for measuring conductivity are versatile handheld devices designed to measure not only conductivity but also other crucial water quality parameters such as pH, temperature, dissolved oxygen, and more. These all-in-one tools are essential for fieldwork in environmental monitoring, aquaculture, and industrial processes, providing comprehensive data in a single, convenient unit.

Conductivity Probes & Electrodes

Probes and electrodes are critical components of conductivity meters and testers, enabling precise measurement of a solution’s electrical conductivity. Our probes and electrodes come in various designs and materials to suit different applications, from general water quality testing to specific industrial and laboratory analyses. Their accuracy, durability, and compatibility with different types of conductivity meters are vital for obtaining reliable data. 

Conductivity Controllers

Hanna’s conductivity controllers are advanced instruments used to monitor and regulate the electrical conductivity of solutions in real-time, ensuring optimal conditions in various industrial and environmental applications. 

Conductivity Minicontrollers

Hanna’s conductivity mini controllers are compact, efficient devices designed to monitor and regulate the electrical conductivity of solutions in smaller-scale or space-constrained applications. Despite their size, these controllers offer precise control and real-time monitoring, making them ideal for use in aquariums, hydroponics, small-scale water treatment systems, and laboratory settings. 

Conductivity Solutions

Conductivity standards, solutions, and sachets are essential tools for calibrating and verifying the accuracy of conductivity meters and testers. Our materials are precisely formulated to have known conductivity values, ensuring that measurement instruments provide reliable and consistent readings.