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New Multiparameter pH/EC/DO Portable Meter with Bluetooth® and optical DO technology

We are happy to introduce our new HI98494 Multiparameter Bluetooth® portable pH/EC/OPDO meter. The HI98494 combines Hanna’s rugged meter design with advanced digital sensors for testing up to 12 different water quality parameters, making it perfect for environmental testing.
Using the fluorescence quenching technology featured in the optical dissolved oxygen sensor, this meter offers accurate readings over long periods of time without the need for frequent calibrations or warm-up time.

Other advantages of the optical DO sensor include not having to handle electrolytes and membranes, not being flow-dependent, not consuming any oxygen from the sample and not be affected by sunlight. With the integrated Bluetooth® connection, users can quickly transfer data wirelessly to a smart device with the Hanna Lab App. Tougher by design, the HI98494 features an IP67-rated meter with a strong ABS body and an IP68-rated probe with a stainless-steel protective guard.

The HI98494 has a dual power management system that will automatically switch to the 1.5 AA alkaline batteries when the built-in lithium-ion rechargeable battery is low.

Other features include:

  • Digital probe with built-in temperature sensor and three ports for pH (ORP), EC and optical DO sensors
  • Quick calibration feature
  • Automatic barometric pressure compensation
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Automatic interval logging of up to 45,000 samples
  • Backlit LCD display with multifunction virtual keys
  • Intuitive keypad

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