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Smart pH Meter and Electrode - edge®blu Bluetooth® - HI2202


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Free yourself from wires when performing pH measurements. Hanna Instruments is proud to introduce edgeblu, a pH meter that uses pH electrodes with Bluetooth® Smart technology (Bluetooth 4.0). These pH electrodes connect wirelessly to edgeblu or a compatible Apple or Android® device running the Hanna Lab App.

Wireless Bluetooth pH Electrode

edgeblu uses HALO™ Bluetooth pH electrodes with a built-in temperature sensor to send measurement data wirelessly to the meter or a compatible Apple or Android device running the Hanna Lab App.

Advanced pH Electrode Diagnostics

edgeblu features advanced pH electrode diagnostics to ensure worry free measurements. Diagnostics include Hanna’s exclusive CAL Check feature that alerts users to potential problems during calibration.

Capacitive Touch

edgeblu features a capacitive touch keypad that gives a distinctive, modern look. The keypad is sensitive enough to be used with laboratory gloves and has a fast response. Since the keypad is part of the screen, there are no buttons buttons to get clogged with sample residue.


edge thin pH meter handheld
hi2002 edge pH meter wall mount

The edgeblu is thin and lightweight, measuring just 0.5” thick and weighing less than 9 ounces. edgeblu has an incredibly wide viewing angle, 5.5” LCD and a sensitive capacitive touch keypad. edge blu is simple to configure, calibrate, measure, log and transfer data to a computer or a USB drive. This meter features Hanna’s exclusive CAL Check™ to warn if the HALO pH electrode being used is not clean or if your buffers are contaminated during calibration. An Indicator is also displayed after calibration showing the overall probe condition that is based on the offset and slope characteristic of the pH electrode.

The versatile design of edgeblu makes equally at home in your hand, on a lab bench, or mounted on a wall.

cradle and electrode holder

Cradle and Electrode Holder

edge is equipped with a benchtop cradle with an adjustable swivel electrode holder to charge and hold the edge securely in place at the optimum viewing angle.

wall mount

Wall Mount

Using the wall mount cradle (included), edge can be placed on a wall, leaving zero footprint on the benchtop space. The cradle has a built-in connector to power edge and charge its batteries. edge’s zero footprint is designed to save you valuable benchtop space.


Large, Easy to Read LCD

edgeblu features an LCD that measures 5.5” and is clearly viewable from over 5 meters. Add to that a wide viewing angle of 150 degrees and you have one of the clearest LCDs in the industry. In addition to its large LCD, edge also features full text guides displayed on the bottom of the screen. There is no need to decipher scrambled abbreviations.


Capacitive Touch

edgeblu features sensitive capacitive touch buttons for accurate keystrokes when navigating edge’s menus and screens. Since they are part of the screen, the buttons can never get clogged with sample residue.

edge thin pH meter handheld bluetooth
bluetooth HALO electrode

Bluetooth Digital pH Electrodes

edgeblu uses HALO Bluetooth digital pH electrodes. Once a probe is connected, all sensor information including sensor operating specifications and calibration information is transferred. pH electrodes are easy to exchange when you want to change from measuring with one type to another without the need for recalibration. View Electrodes


Up to Five-Point pH Calibration

In standard mode, edgeblu can be calibrated automatic up to 5 points with 7 standard buffers (1.68, 4.01, 6.86, 7.01, 9.18, 10.01, 12.45) and 2 custom buffers.


Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) feature

The GLP data can be review at anytime at a push of a button. GLP data includes, date, time, buffers, offset and slope of the last pH calibration.


CAL Check pH Electrode Monitoring Technology

Hanna’s exclusive CAL Check feature analyzes the pH electrode response in the pH buffers during the calibration process to alert the user of potential problems such as contaminated buffer and clean electrode. After calibration, indicators for probe condition is displayed on the measurement screen. The probe condition is based on offset and slope characteristics of the pH electrode.

data logging

Multiple Data Logging Modes

Log-on-demand, log-on-stability, and interval logging modes are all available. Up to 200 data points can be logged on demand and an additional 200 data points for samples logged upon a stable reading. Interval logging is adjustable from 5 seconds to 180 minutes. Up to 600 records can be stored in a maximum of 100 interval lots. Logging modes can be started from the meter or by simply pressing the button on the HALO pH probe.


Dual USB Ports

edgeblu can be connected to a computer or USB flash drive for transferring logged data. The micro USB port can also be used to charge the meter.

Rechargeable Battery

edgeblu has a built in rechargeable battery that is charged when the meter is in the plugged in benchtop or wall mount cradle. The battery can also be recharged through the micro USB port with either a USB port from a computer or directly to the power supply.

HALO™ pH electrodes with Bluetooth® Smart Technology

Each edgeblu is supplied with a HI11102 HALO™ Bluetooth pH electrode. The Halo uses Bluetooth Smart Technology (Bluetooth 4.0), which is energy efficient and allows the probe to operate on 1 CR2032 battery for approximately 500 hours. The HI11102 HALO pH electrode is a double junction, gel filled, glass body pH electrode with a built-in thermistor temperature sensor. All readings are automatically compensated for temperature variations.

The HI11102 HALO pH electrode transmits measurement data directly to edgeblu or a compatible Apple or Android device. All HALO pH electrodes are auto-detected providing pH sensor type, calibration data and serial number when connected. The HALO pH electrode also features a blue LED ring that changes flashing frequency based on whether it is in discovery mode or when it is connected to the edgeblu or compatible device. The button located on the HALO™ pH probe is used to place it in discovery mode or to log data directly to the edgeblu or compatible Apple or Android device.

HALO pH bluetooth probe
bluetooth HALO electrode

Bluetooth Smart Technology

HI11102 HALO pH electrode uses Bluetooth Smart Technology (Bluetooth 4.0). This technology offers low power consumption allowing for a long, 500-hour battery life. The range of the Bluetooth connection is 10 meters (33’) between the probe and receiving device.

auto detection


At a push of the button on the HI11102 HALO pH electrode places the probe in discovery mode and will be detected by edgeblu or compatible device running the Hanna Lab App. Once connected the serial number, calibration information including date, time and buffers used, and the electrode specifications will be loaded into the meter. Having this information stored in the electrode allows for hot swapping to other pH electrodes without recalibrating. The details of the electrode and calibration information are stored with any logged readings.


pH Electrode Design

The HI11102 HALO pH electrode is a glass body, gel filled, double junction pH electrode that has an indicating probe made with general purpose glass. The glass body is resistant to many chemicals and easy to clean. Being gel filled reduces maintenance since there are no fill solutions to add. The double junction design is suitable for a variety of solutions that can contain substances such as heavy metals or Tris buffer that will cause the silver chloride (AgCl) found in a single junction probe to precipitate and clog the junction. The general purpose glass indicating probe has a temperature range of use from -5.0 to 80.0°C (23.0 to 176.0°F) and for samples that have a 0 to 12 pH.


Built-In Temperature Sensor

The HI11102 HALO pH electrode features a built-in thermistor temperature sensor that is in the tip of the indicating pH electrode. A thermistor temperature sensor provides for a high accuracy temperature reading and should be as close as possible to the indicating pH electrode in order to compensate for the effect that temperature has on the change in resistance of the glass. By having an accurate reading it is possible to provide a temperature compensated reading.


iPad compatible

*iPad and stand not included.

HALO app - pH Probe with Bluetooth® Smart Technology


iOS and Android Compatibility

The HI11102 HALO pH electrode is compatible with Apple or Android devices running the Hanna Lab App, available for download at no charge.

The Hanna Lab App turns any compatible Apple or Android device into a full-featured pH meter. Functions include calibration, measurement, data logging, graphing and data sharing. Measurement and logging of pH and temperature at one-second intervals start as soon as the probe is connected. Measurements can be displayed alone on the display, with tabulated data, or as a graph. The graph can be panned and zoomed with pinch-to-zoom technology for enhanced viewing. Any readings that exceed user-defined alarm threshold are highlighted in yellow on the measurement screen, graph, and table. Readings that exceed the pH probe specifications are highlighted in red.

Readings are automatically saved to a history file every hour, limited only by the available memory on the device. Readings in specific time intervals can also be saved. Saved log files may be annotated with measurement specific information and also shared via email in CSV (comma-separated values) format.



SKU HI2202-02
Name edge®blu Bluetooth® Smart pH Electrode and Meter - HI2202
pH Range -2.000 to 16.000 pH (Standard Mode), -2.00 to 16.00 pH (Basic Mode), ±1000 mV
pH Resolution 0.001 pH, 0.01 pH, 0.1 mV
pH Accuracy ±0.2 mV, ±0.01 pH, ±0.002 pH
pH Calibration 5 points (standard mode)
 1.68, 4.01 (3.00†), 6.86, 7.01, 9.18, 10.01, 12.45, and two custom buffers; 3 points (basic mode) 4.01; 6.86; 7.01; 9.18; 10.01
pH Temperature Compensation ATC: -5.0 to 100.0ºC; 23.0 to 212.0°F
pH CAL Check (electrode diagnostics) Yes
pH Input impedence Bluetooth pH electrode input
mV Range ±1000.0 pH in mV
mV Resolution 0.1 mV
mV Accuracy ±0.2 mV
Temperature Range -20.0 to 120.0 ºC, -4.0 to 248.0 °F
Temperature Resolution 0.1 °C, 0.1 °F
Temperature Accuracy ±0.5 °C, ±0.9 °F
pH Electrode HI11102 Bluetooth pH electrode (included)
Temperature Probe integrated into pH electrode
Logging Type Log-on-demand, log-on-stability, and interval logging
Logging Memory up to 1000 records; log-on-demand (max. 200 logs); manual log-on-stability (max. 200 logs); interval logging (max. 600 samples; 100 lots)
Connectivity 1 micro USB port for charging and PC connectivity, 1 USB port for flash storage
Calibration Timeout Reminder Yes
Autoend Yes
Display segmented LCD
Battery Type/Life built-in rechargeable battery with up to 8 hours of continuous use
Power Supply 5 VDC adapter (included)
Environment 0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F), RH max 95% non-condensing
Dimensions 202 x 140 x 12 mm (7.9” x 5.5” x .05”)
Weight 250 g (8.82 oz)

HI2202 edge® blu includes benchtop docking station with electrode holder, wall mount cradle, USB cable, HI11102 glass body, gel filled pH electrode with temperature sensor, pH 4 buffer solution sachets, pH 7 buffer solution sachets, pH 10 buffer solution sachets, electrode cleaning solution sachets, 5 VDC power adapter, instruction manual and instrument quality certificate.

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Additional information

Weight 2.72 kg


pH Accuracy

±0.002 pH, ±0.01 pH, ±0.2 mV

pH Calibration

10.01, 12.45, 4.01 (3.00†), 5 points (standard mode)
 1.68, 6.86, 7.01, 9.18, and two custom buffers; 3 points (basic mode) 4.01; 6.86; 7.01; 9.18; 10.01

pH Range

-2.00 to 16.00 pH (Basic Mode), -2.000 to 16.000 pH (Standard Mode), ±1000 mV

pH Resolution

0.001 pH, 0.01 pH, 0.1 mV

Temperature Accuracy

±0.5 °C, ±0.9 °F

Temperature Range

-20.0 to 120.0 ºC, -4.0 to 248.0 °F