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Burette Assembly, 25 mL - HI900125


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The HI900125 is a 25 mL burette assembly for the HI901 or HI902C automatic titration systems. The assembly includes the 25 mL syringe, aspiration tubes, and dispensing tubes, complete with blue protection tubes, gaskets, and tube locks.

  • Rotating light block shield
  • Easy to install
  • Chemically resistant materials


The HI900125 is a 25 mL burette assembly for the HI901 or HI902C Automatic Titration Systems.

Clip-Lock Burettes

Clip-Lock™ Exchangeable Burette System

With Clip-Lock™ Exchangeable Burette System, it only takes a few seconds to exchange the reagent or titrant burettes to perform a different titration. With conventional titrators, there is a risk of cross-contamination; this specialized system prevents cross-contamination by eliminating the need for purging, cleaning, and refilling the burettes.

Simply sliding out the burette and detaching the dispensing tubes from the overhead assembly allows for quick and easy burette exchange. Having several prepared burettes on hand will make the Hanna titration systems the fastest and most versatile on the market.

Light Block

Light Block Shield

For applications that require the use of light-sensitive solutions, the burette of the HI900125 features a light block shield that can be rotated in front of the exposed glass. This shield helps prevent degradation of the titrant or reagent being used, ensuring titrations remain accurate each time.

Once the HI900125 burette is connected to the dosing pump, the titrator automatically recognizes the burette volume. In addition to the 25 mL burette, Hanna offers 5 mL, 10 mL, and 50 mL burettes for a wide variety of applications. Each burette is made from chemically resistant material, ensuring users many years of trouble-free operation.

The HI900125 also comes with an aspiration and dispensing tube. The aspiration tube features a fitting to ensure the titrant or reagent is securely taken up into the burette. The dispensing tube features a fitting on one end and a tapered dispensing tip on the opposite end to ensure the titrant or reagent is accurately dosed into the sample beaker. A durable blue protection tube covers the clear tubing to prevent kinks and to protect light-sensitive solutions from degradation. The aspiration and dispensing tubes also come with a gasket and tube lock, and can easily be replaced on any of the Hanna burette syringes.

SKU HI900125
Name Burette Assembly, 25 mL - HI900125
Notes For use with the HI901 and HI902C automatic titration systems

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