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Digital Refractometers

Refractometry is a measurement method that determines a substance’s refractive index in order to assess its composition or purity. By knowing the refractive index of a substance, users can understand such properties as the sugar content of must or juice, the amount of salt in food, or the salinity of a body of water.

Digital refractometers are an ideal solution for those looking to measure the composition of their products. Characterizing a substance is quick and easy with any one of our refractometers, and analysis only requires a sample size as small as 2 metric drops. The stainless steel sample well and flint glass prism provide excellent chemical resistance and prove easy to clean for almost any application. This type of design also simplifies calibration with deionized or distilled water to ensure consistent and reliable measurements.

Hanna’s line of digital refractometers offer multiple measurement units and provide specific temperature curves for automatic compensation. With a built-in temperature sensor, there’s never a need to manually measure the temperature of a sample before analysis. Combined with a speedy 1.5-second response time, our refractometers ensure accurate measurements the moment you need them.