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Wine Testing




A variety of titrations systems are available including one that is programmed with only wine methods including free and total sulfur dioxide, total titratable acidity and yeast assimilable nitrogen. Titration systems are available with 1 or 2 analog input boards that allow multiple sensors to be used. These systems can also be configured to have one or two dosing pumps. Having multiple dosing pumps allow for the use multiple titrants.

For high throughput some of the titration systems can be connected to an auto sampler for automated analysis of multiple samples.



Mini Titrators

Hanna Instruments pioneered the innovation of mini titrators for customers that were performing the titratable acidity, sulfur dioxide or formol number (YAN) titration manually to be able to use an automated system at a fraction of the price.

The mini titrators offer the precision of dosing by a syringe with the ease of pre-measured reagents and pre-standardized titrants.



Benchtop Meters

Benchtop meters include the HI5000 series and edge tablet designed meters.

The HI5000 series is our most advanced benchtop meters incorporating the latest microprocessor to bring exceptional features and performance for the most demanding user. These meters are completely customizable to user specific requirements and include versions that can be used with ISEs for measurement of ammonia and potassium.

The edge meters are very unique in design and in the use of digital electrodes. The edge is designed in a tablet style that is a hybrid between the flexibility of being used as a portable or as a benchtop. The edge meter uses digital electrodes and the buffer set is automatically updated when using the wine must electrode to pH 3 instead of pH 4 to better bracket the wine sample expected reading. The edge multiparameter version can be upgraded with other probes to measure conductivity for tartrate stability or dissolved oxygen.



Portable Meters

Application specific meters are available that are designed specifically for use with wine. These meters use the HI1048 wine must electrode that has a ground glass junction and a PTFE sleeve. This design resists clogging from solids that would degrade performance that can result inaccurate readings.

Meters available include the Halo wireless pH probe, portables and testers.

The Halo pH electrode uses Bluetooth technology to turn a smart device into an advanced meter with features that rival benchtop used in laboratories.

Portable meters are available in either a simple 2 button operation or one with a dot matrix LCD that simplifies the use of the many advanced features that are built into the meter.

An economical tester is available and is step up from the standard pH testers that are available.




Portable photometers for measuring tartaric acid and reducing sugars are available. Also available is a portable turbidity/bentonite check meter for checking protein stability and fining.






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